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About Ventura Hydraulics & Machines Works, Inc.

Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works, Inc. is a modern manufacturing and fabrication facility of offshore and onshore hydraulic systems. We design and build rig gripping and skidding equipment. Our Series 400 Ratcheting Jacking Claw products are in use worldwide, in areas such as the Santa Barbara Channel and the North Sea. Our skidding equipment is capable of moving the drilling rig and the pipe rack in a combined move, with a dead weight of more than 800 tons. 

Since 1965 we have successfully serviced Mining, Offshore, Mobile, Construction, Refuse and Agricultural Equipment.




All of our equipment is built to take advantage of technological innovations. We attract and retain exceptional professionals who are dedicated to getting results for our clients.



Our In-House Engineering Services:

  • Technology Reviews
  • Application Assistance
  • Motion Control
  • Industrial Hydraulics/Automation
  • Equipment Design and Assembly
  • Troubleshooting
  • System Modification and Improvement
  • Turn-Key Hydraulic Systems
  • Documentation
  • Training and System Evaluation