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Large Capacity Cable Line Spooler

Completed in January of 2004, this skid-based, “A-frame” spooler has capacity of reeling in/out cable using a spool that has a 130″ diameter flange. Our stand is built to hold a reel with a maximum weight of 62,000 lbs. on a loaded spool.

Skid-Mounted Conductive Cable Line Spooler

This spooler works free of an operator once it is loaded and started, so a crew member is free for other duties. This field proven spooler is used for offshore operations. Pressure compensated hydraulic system ensures that cable will not stretch or tear. Tension idler allows cable to maintain even tension from idler to spooling drum. Spool weight can be as much as 30,000 lbs. to be used for cable reel with flange diameter 60″ – 90″.

Skid – based, “A-frame” Spooler with capacity of reeling out cable using a spool that has capacity up to 100″ diameter flange and 67″ wide. It has a 4″ diameter removable spindle. Hydraulically powered to rewind and payout with a bi-rotational drive mechanism and comes equipped with an automatic level wind.

Skid – based, “A-frame” Spooler with capacity of reeling out and paying in flat hose. The spool has capacity up to 72″ diameter flange and 42″ wide. The blue unit shown here is diesel driven and ideal for remote locations.

Truck Mounted Cable Line Spooler

This skid-based, “all-in-one” steel unit is configured and welded/bolted over the center of the dual axel of a truck body bed. The unit has reel-lifting capabilities to pick-up reel from the ground, and has powered payout and take-up capabilities for ESP cable on reels up to 90″ diameter and up to 30,000 lbs.

MOBILE Conductive Cable Line Spooler

This mobile, self-loading spooler with level-wind mechanism and pressure compensated hydraulic system is mounted onto a towable frame.