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The cylinder shown in the attached photos are three stage double-acting cylinder with a 20 inch bore main tube and a 6 inch diameter rod. It has a stroke of 19 feet and develops 108 tons of push force in the final stage at a system pressure of 2,500 psi.

This telescopic cylinder is double-acting, and both the extend and retract hydraulic ports are located on the fixed main tube. Most telescopic cylinders require a hydraulic port connection on the moving rod-end, or need double-walled tubing or complicated sliding “trombone” tube assemblies inside the cylinder for the retract function. The unique design of the Ventura Hydraulics & Machine Works telescopic cylinder eliminates all these complications, making the cylinder more robust through its simplified design with fewer moving parts.


Quantity of Eight (8) 16” Bore Cantilever Skidding Cylinders

Quantity of Four (4) 13” bore Drill Floor Skidding Cylinders

ABS Certified and Tested Ready for shipment

Telescoping Derrick Mast Rams

9” bore Custom Mast Cylinders with 306 inches of stroke.

500 ton Cylinder used
for Tensioning System

175 ton Cylinder used for
Tensioning System

32″ Bore Cylinder used for Chain Jacking System

10” bore x 162” (13-1/2 ft) Stroke Trunnion Mounted Custom Cylinder

18″ Bore x 177″ Stroke Custom Mast Cylinder

12″ Bore x 126″ Stroke Custom Pushing Frame Cylinders

12″ Bore x 126″ Stroke Custom Pushing Frame Cylinders Used in Action on the Oakland Bay Bridge Project

Large Telescoping Cylinders
with capacity up to 300,000 tons Retracted Height: 7 ft.
Extended Height: 23-1/2 ft.