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Rund um den Globus bietet Ventura hydraulische & Machine Works, Inc. die Oberseite der Linie schleudern Systeme, Kette Buchsen und benutzerdefinierte Zylinder zu wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen.


Unser Kundenstamm in die Öl Industrie reicht von den großen Ölfirmen wie Exxon Mobil bis hin zu kleineren Independents. Wir liefern kundenspezifische Anlagen, Öl-Service-Unternehmen und andere Gerätehersteller. Wir haben viel Erfahrung im Aufbau von Geräten, die den rauen Ölfeld und Meeresumwelt standhalten kann. Wir betreuen auch viele andere Branchen — wirklich jedes Unternehmen, das eine Menge Gewicht oder Strukturen sicher und effektiv bewegen muss, —Wir können helfen! Die Branchen, die wir betreuen sind vielfältig und umfassen Bau, Schifffahrt, Fischerei, Kunststoff, Papier und Unternehmen zu verweigern. Wir sind auch ein SBA Kleinunternehmen zertifiziertes Unternehmen und haben viel Erfahrung auf Regierung und militärische Projekte zu arbeiten.


“We are always apprehensive about using a new vendor or a new equipment design for such critical applications as spider buoy or mooring chain pull-in systems. I was pleasantly surprised at the smooth, effortless, quiet operation of the Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works chain jack. The chain stoppers and chain sheave were easy to operate, and were very confidence inspiring. We developed a little over 400 tonnes of chain tension while pulling in the spider buoy, and experienced no operational difficulties. The operators were comfortable with the system… I would be confident to utilize this type chain jack again in future installations.”

Design Engineer IV, FMC Energy Systems, SOFEC Division

“As you know, Ventura Hydraulics and Machine Works, Inc. has provided us with hydraulic equipment for various applications on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Self Anchored Suspension Bridge (SAS) Project, most  notably the T1 Erection Tower longitudinal and transverse gripper jacks and the Temporary Works pushing frame jacks. VHMW has provided an exceptional product line, as well as technical expertise, and exceptional level of continued service to the project.”

Design Engineer, Tower
American Bridge Company/Fluor Enterprises, Inc.

“The grippers worked  beautifully!  If I ever have any control over the next project that requires skidding, Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works, Inc. will definitely be the company who I would want to go with!”

Piping Design Lead/Commissioning Mechanical
StatOil Peregrino A & B Project

“Quality and reliability are extremely important to Hilman Rollers and when we design a system we need to be able to count on the products that interface with our rollers. That is why we selected Ventura Hydraulics & Machine Works to manufacture some custom cylinders for a new lift-and-roll design skidding system. Ventura Hydraulics & Machine Works supplied Hilman with eight 15” bore and sixteen 5” bore cylinders. Over the years we have had a good working relationship with Ventura Hydraulics & Machine Works and were confident that they could not only deliver the high quality product that we require, but also deliver it on time and to our design requirements. We look forward to working with Ventura Hydraulics & Machine Works again in the future.”

Marketing Manager
Hilman Rollers

“Ventura Hydraulics and Machine Works, Inc. have provided cylinders for skidding drilling rigs which have been used in some of the harshest environments. Ventura have built some 30 custom cylinders for Nabors Drilling over the past 10 years and to my knowledge, the cylinders have been consistently dependable and we have not experienced any failures. Ventura has always made an effort to supply the goods in a timely manner and have always worked to expedite deliveries in emergency situations. They have been very cooperative in discussing our needs and offer recommendations for the best application for each situation.”

Sr. Manager – Engineering
Nabors Drilling International, Ltd.

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